Department of Health Policy and Management

Who We Are


Board of Directors

President:  Laura Barrera, MPH '10
President Elect: Chandra Broadwater, EMPH '14
Treasurer:  Edward Tsai, MPH '11
Secretary: Jay Won, MPH '08
Ada Clark, MPH '07
Andrew Do, MPH '16
Paige Hosler, MBA-MPH '12
Susan Kum, MPH '14
Ana Martinez, MPH '10
Frank Matricardi, MPH '72, DrPH '82
Narmina Pasha, MPH '07
Alicia Popoff, MPH '17
Nahal Sabrkhani, MPH '16
Wendy Schiffer, MPH '89
Dorothy Seleski, MPH '87
Paul Viviano, MPH-PA '76
Henna Zaidi, MPH '08



Past Presidents


First Name

Last Name

1969-1970 Ira Alpert
1970-1971 Edwin Ermshar
1971-1972 James Lester
1972-1973 Que Hansen
1973-1974 Ed Schroeder
1974-1975 Horace Hinkston
1975-1976 David Bigelow
1976-1977 Jay Evans
1977-1978 James Jenifer
1978-1979 Layton Crouch
1979-1980 Jack Schlosser
1980-1981 Bill Noce
1981-1982 Jim Larson 
1982-1983 Jim Haden
1983-1984 Nancy Farber
1984-1985 Mark Jasper
1985-1986 Jeff Flocken
1986-1987 Jane Sullivan
1987-1988 Tami Parrott
1988-1989 Joel Prell
1989-1990 Susan Reetz
1990-1991 Mark Costa
1991-1992 Rick Jacobs
1992-1993 Jennifer Kozakowski
1993-1994 Stuart Simon
1994-1995 Richard Kiel 
1995-1996 Teri Bartholetti
1996-1997 Teri Bartholetti
1997-1998 Paul Wales
1998-1999 Mike Galper
1999-2000 Bob Blair
2000-2001 Rosalind Essner
2001-2002 Thanh-Nghia Nguyen
2002-2003 Dan Groszkruger
2003-2004 Lori Pelliccioni
2004-2005 David Krasnow
2005-2006 David Krasnow
2006-2007 Ayako Utsumi
2007-2008 Ayako Utsumi
2008-2009 Joon Y Lee
2009-2010 Joon Y Lee
2010-2011 Ross Miller
2011-2012 Frank Matricardi
2012-2013 Caitlin Beck
2013-2014 Justin Welch 
2014-2015 Neil Sehgal
2015-2016 Neil Sehgal
‌2016-2017 ‌Allen ‌Suh
2017-2018 Samantha Wellerstein

Students' Voices

Because UCLA has many professors who are prominent leaders in healthcare management, I knew I would not only learn a lot in the classroom but would also have networking opportunities that would...

-Marisa Tamaru, 2009

"When I first learned about the MPH in Health Policy & Management, I knew its comprehensive nature would help me gain the managerial skills I'd need to have a lot of job opportunities...

-Dori Greenwald-Triplett, 2008

“My Health Services family of support includes excellent faculty mentors, attentive staff, and outstanding fellow students. I am in my 5th year in the PhD program (ABD) and I am amazed at how I am...

-Deborah S. Ling Grant, Spring 2012

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