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Case Competitions are an important way that Health Policy and Management Students develop professionally. Competitions ask a team of students to prepare a strategic proposal to address a specific organizational challenge. Working toward a solution gives students the opportunity to put what they are learning in a variety of classes together to solve a multidisciplinary problem. HPM teams have participated (and placed) in competitions offered by Cleveland Clinic, UCLA Center for Healthcare Management, NAHSE, Baylor, UAB, NYU, Emory, and Healthcare Executives of Southern California. These competitions draw student teams from MHA, MBA, and MHA students across the country, and sometimes from around the world. Students on these teams have won over $40,000 during the last five years.

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ACHE College Bowl 2018, 1st Place, $1,500.00 Award                 


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ACHE College Bowl

2016 1st Place, $1.500.00 Award | 2017 2nd Place, $1,000.00 Award

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2016 Cleveland Clinic Case Competition

2nd Place, $12,000.00 Award               

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2020 Center for Healthcare Managment Case Competition

3rd Place, $4,000.00 Award 

           2014 NAHSE Case Competition, 2nd Place $9,000.00 

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2019 Cleveland Clinic Case Competition Teams


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Lester Breslow Distinguished Lecture Fellowship


 Kamila Tan

2020 Winner


Hajar Ahmed

2018 Winner


Veronica Kapoor

2017 Winner



To view Veronica's winning presentation:

'I Won't Call it Obamacare; Promoting the right to Healthcare as an American Value', click HERE

World Health Assembly


UCLA Health Policy & Management students visit Geneva for the

2019 World Health Assembly.

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