Program of Study

MSHS (2-year)

All MS students must complete 17 full courses (74 units) and at least one year of graduate residence at the University of California. A minimum of five courses must be in the 200 or 500 series. Elective courses should be selected in consultation with an advisor. Electives may be chosen from offerings in the Department of Health Policy and Management or other departments in the Fielding School of Public Health. Program requirements and recommended course sequence for the 2-year MSHS can be found here.

MSHS (1-year)

Students with a prior doctoral-level degree (MD, PhD, JD, DDS, or equivalent), and relevant experience, may elect to complete a program that includes 13 courses (58 units). Program requirements and recommended course sequence for the 1-year MSHS can be found here.

Course Waivers

Students who have recently completed a course that is equivalent to a core Fielding School of Public Health course may take a waiver examination. If the student passes the examination, he/she waives only the course requirement, not the units requirement needed for graduation.


All incoming MS students are assigned a faculty advisor. Students work closely with their advisors to plan coursework. Students will also consult with their advisor regarding development of a plan for their thesis and formation of the committee. It is strongly suggested that students meet with their advisor at the beginning of each quarter.

Thesis Report

The report consists of an extensive written research in the major area of study. Students are required to establish a 3-member guidance committee which will supervise the preparation of the report and certify the successful completion of all degree requirements.