Department of Health Policy and Management

Financial Support

Student support funds at UCLA are provided to graduate students in the form of grants, fellowships, traineeships, teaching assistantships, graduate student researcher appointments, loans, and work-study awards. For more information on these funds, please visit the Graduate Division website.

Students pursuing the PhD in the Department of Health Policy and Management are supported in their education in a variety of ways.  The Department receives funds from the University for student support and has two federally funded NRSA pre-doctoral training grants, described further below.  Additional university support for merit awards or non-resident supplemental tuition is also available (  All admitted students are considered for all available funding, and the Department will apply for University awards, such as the Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship, for eligible students.

FSPH financial support

Federally Funded NRSA Training Grants

Incoming PhD students will be considered for two federally funded NRSA pre-doctoral fellowships:

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Pre-Doctoral Fellowship. The program is designed to provide fellows with training and experience in the field of health services research. This award provides full tuition funding, a stipend, and support for travel to the NRSA Fellows Annual Meeting for two years. After the first quarter, students are expected to work 10 hours/week with faculty on research, which provides an early entry into mentored research and exposure to faculty research for the student. Two to three fellowships are available per year. Second-year funding is contingent on meeting program requirements and making satisfactory progress towards completion of the degree.

UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) TL1 Fellowship. The Department of Health Policy and Management co-administers a pre-doctoral TL1 fellowship program funded through the Research Education, Training and Career Development Program of the UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute. The purpose of the fellowship program is to provide trainees with the skills required to create new knowledge about health services, including intensive training in the basics of medicine and healthcare, an understanding of the theory and methods of community-partnered research, and practical experience in the development of public policy. Four fellowships per year (including tuition, stipend and travel) will be awarded on a competitive basis to incoming doctoral students and may be renewed for up to four years, contingent on meeting the program requirements and making satisfactory progress towards completion of the degree.

University Student Support

For PhD students who are U.S. citizens or resident aliens, the Department historically has been able to provide tuition support and a stipend from University-provided funds and/or federal training grants for the first two years of the PhD program. Students in their third, fourth and subsequent years, and in some cases in their second year, can receive earnings as well as full or partial tuition support through Graduate Student Researcher appointments, Special Readerships or Teaching Assistantships, and UCLA Fellowships such as the Graduate Research Mentorship and Dissertation Year Fellowship ( Most students obtain such funding. Students have also successfully applied for external funding such as NIH or AHRQ dissertation fellowships. International students are not eligible for most departmental funding (but can be considered for Graduate Student Researcher or Special Readership or Teaching Assistantships) and need to be prepared to finance their studies from other sources.

Child and Family Health Program Training Grant

The UCLA Child and Family Health Program provides interdisciplinary training in maternal and child health practice, research and policy analysis for health professionals enrolled in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program, and students in the PhD and DrPH programs, in the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.

The Program offers a training grant for MPH, PhD, and DrPH students in the departments of Health Services, Community Health Sciences, and Epidemiology. MPH students need to be two-year health professionals, which includes social work, nutrition, physical therapists, nurses, and physicians. Students’ focus should be on domestic child and family health. Usually, 4-6 fellowships are awarded per year, and generally provide tuition and fees as well as a stipend for the first two years.

Incoming students should write a letter to their Department SAO expressing interest in domestic child and family health and describing their specific interests in a content area, and their interest taking on a leadership role after their program.

Financial Aid

Funding based on financial need available only to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Financial aid includes loans and work-study awards.For more information on these programs, visit the Financial Aid Office.

A student may receive both a departmental or Graduate Division award and funding based solely on financial need if the need-based criteria are met.

International Applicants

Since the University cannot assume financial responsibility for its students, U.S. government regulations require that the University be satisfied that entering international students have sufficient funds to meet all expenses while at UCLA. To meet this requirement, all international applicants must complete and return the Confidential Financial Statement. Be advised that all fees and expenses are subject to change; it is best to plan to have additional funding well beyond the minimum.

Unless you have been officially notified in writing of an award from the department or the Graduate Division, you should not expect any financial support from UCLA. Teaching and research assistantships, fellowships and stipends, as well as tuition fellowships, are not guaranteed for the full academic year or for subsequent years of study, unless stated in writing.

TA Opportunities in Life Sciences

There is now a collaboration between FSPH and Life Sciences that provides a pathway for students admitted to graduate programs in FSPH who have appropriate backgrounds to get "pre-approved" to serve as teaching assistants in Life Sciences.

For more information, click HERE.

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