Department of Health Policy and Management Faculty

The UCLA Fielding School of Public Health provides students with access to outstanding faculty from an array of research areas. The Department of Health Policy and Management, in particular, is honored to have world-renowned faculty members committed to educating the next generation of managers, policy analysts, researchers and academics.

The Department's research and training programs draw on distinguished faculty who span the fields of health policy, organizational theory and behavior, management, economics, medicine, law, sociology, and statistics. Their expertise encompasses the arenas of policy analysis and applied research, management of public and private institutions, clinical practice, and entrepreneurship.

The UCLA Health Policy and Management faculty are diverse in their interdisciplinary training and ethnic and racial composition, and have received numerous prestigious awards and recognitions for their work.

  • 12 Electees to the prestigious National Academy of Medicine (NAM)
  • 3 Past Presidents of the American Public Health Association (APHA)
  • 2 Past Chairs of the Health Care Executives of Southern California (HCE SoCal)
  • 1 Past Chair of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA)

Additional honors include the America Public Health Association’s Sedgewick Medal, the American Psychiatric Association’s Research Prize, the Alvin P. Shapiro Award and an appointment to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Servces’ Physical Activity Guidelines Committee.

Core Faculty

Jack Needleman

Jack Needleman, PhD  

Fred W. and Pamela K. Wasserman Professor and Chair of the Department of Health Policy and Management

Quality Measurement and Improvement, Organizational Responses to Markets, Payment and Insurance, Health Economics, Federal and State Policy Processes, Evaluation

Thomas Rice

Thomas Rice, PhD  

Distinguished Professor and Vice-Chair of the Department of Health Policy and Management

Health and Behavioral Economics, Comparative Health Systems, Health Insurance, Health Care Costs, Competition and Regulation

Roshan Bastani

Roshan Bastani, PhD  


Health Disparities, Access to Care, Implementation Science, Community-Partnered Intervention Research, Comparative Effectiveness, Cancer & Chronic Disease Prevention & Control

Arturo Vargas Bustamante

Arturo Vargas Bustamante, PhD, MPP  


Health Care Disparities Research, Access To and Use of Health Care, Delivery Systems, Program Evaluation

William Comanor

William Comanor, PhD  

Distinguished Research Professor

Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy, Drug Prices and Costs, Applied Microeconomics, Antitrust Policy Applied to the Health Sector 

Burt Cowgill

Burt Cowgill, PhD, MPH  

Assistant Professor

Adolescent Health, Nutrition and Physical Activity Policies and Practices, E-Cigarette and Tobacco Prevention and Control, Health Insurance Trends, Health Equity

Pamela Davidson

Pamela Davidson, PhD, MSHS   


Evaluation Design and Methods, Leadership and Career Development, Strategic Planning, Translational Research

Daniel Eisenberg Photo

Daniel Eisenberg, PhD  


Mental Health Services and Policy, Children and Youth, Economic Evaluation

Julie A. Elginer

Julie A. Elginer, DrPH, MBA  

Assistant Professor

Reproductive Health Advocacy, Maternal Mental Health, Healthcare Marketing and Financial Management

Laura Erskine

Laura Erskine, PhD, MBA  

Professor and Director of MPH Program

Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Case Writing, Decision Making, Field Studies, Executive Coaching

Susan Ettner

Susan Ettner, PhD  


Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Policy, Long Term Care, Insurance, Evaluation of Natural Experiments in Health Systems

Jonathan Fielding

Jonathan Fielding, MD, MBA, MPH  

Distinguished Professor

Health Promotion, Prevention Economics, Public Health, Preventive Services, Health Effects of Climate Change, Health Disparities

Yvonne Flores

Yvonne Flores, PhD, MPH  

Associate Professor

Prevention and Control of Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases, Health Disparities, Latino Health, Global Health

Michael Galper

Michael Galper, MPH  

Adjunct Professor

Performance Improvement, Cost Reduction, Financial Analysis, Acquisition Due Diligence,  Internal Control Review

Patricia Ganz

Patricia Ganz, MD  

Distinguished Professor

Cancer Prevention and Control, Patient Reported Outcomes, Quality of Care, Cancer Survivorship

Beth Glenn

Beth Glenn, PhD  


Racial/Ethnic and Socioeconomic Health Disparities, Cancer Prevention and Control, Chronic Disease Prevention, Implementation Science, Intervention Science, Evaluation, Community-Partnered Research

Neal Halfon

Neal Halfon, MD, MPH  


Child Health, Development and Well-Being; Life Course Health Development, Health System Transformation, Placed Based Systems Intervention for Vulnerable Populations

Jody Heymann

Jody Heymann, MD, MPH  

Distinguished Professor and Dean Emeritus

Health Disparities, Social Determinants of Health, Impact of Constitutions & Laws on Equality Across Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Migration, Religious Belief/Non-Belief, Disability, Age, Class, Discrimination, Poverty, Labor

Moira Inkelas, PhD, MPH, MPhil  


Children's Access to Health Care, Chronic Illness, Impact of Systems on Quality and Performance, Measuring Quality of Care, Quality Improvement

Gerald Kominski

Gerald Kominski, PhD  


Health Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Care Act, Universal Coverage, Health Equity, Social Justice, Racial Equity, Health Politics, Modeling

Alice Kuo

Alice Kuo, MD  


Early Childhood Developmental Screening and Services, Early Literacy, Cognitive and Language Development, Hearing Screening in Early Childhood, Services for Children with Autism, Mental Health Services for Children 

James A. Macinko

James Macinko, PhD, MA  


Public Policy, Health Systems, Primary Health Care, Global Health, Health Equity, Latin America/Brazil, Impact Evaluation, Alcohol and Tobacco, Population Aging

Vickie Mays

Vickie Mays, PhD, MSPH  


Health Disparities, HIV/AIDS, Mental Health, Mental and Physical Health Disparities, Perceived and Actual Discrimination on Mental and Physical Health Outcomes, Access and Quality of Mental Health Services

William J. McCarthy

William J. McCarthy, PhD  


Promotion of Healthy Eating, Physical Activity Promotion, Tobacco Control, Breast Cancer Prevention, Diabetes Prevention, Community-Partnered Health Promotion Research, Health Behavior Disparities

Corrina Moucheraud

Corrina Moucheraud, ScD, MPH  

Associate Professor and Director of MS and PhD Programs

Global Health, Health Systems Research, HIV/AIDS, Non-Communicable Diseases, Implementation Science, Women's Health, Evaluation Design, Mixed Methods Research

Ninez Ponce

Ninez Ponce, PhD, MPP  


Health Economics and Health Policy, Multicultural Survey Research, Community-Based Participatory Research, Multicultural Survey Research, Social Penalties in Health and Health Access, Population-Based Cancer Prevention

Nadereh Pourat

Nadereh Pourat, PhD  


Sociodemographic Disparities in Access to Care, Health Care System Integration, Ambulatory Care Redesign, Safety Net, Oral Health

Linda Rosenstock

Linda Rosenstock, MD, MPH  

Professor and Dean Emeritus

Politics of Health Policy, Income Inequality and Health, Global Public Health and Science Policy, Occupational and Environmental Health

Leah Vriesman

Leah Vriesman, PhD, MHA, MBA  

Professor and Executive Director of Executive Education Programs

Competitive Healthcare Industry Strategy in Public and Private Sectors, Biopharma Market Strategies and Leadership, Medical Sociology, and Innovation in HealthTech

Elizabeth Yano

Elizabeth Yano, PhD, MSPH  

Adjunct Professor

Primary Care, Women's Health, Organizational Factors Driving System Performance, Implementation Research, Evaluation

Xi Zhu 

Xi Zhu, PhD  

Associate Professor

Organizational Behavior, Organizational Theory, Healthcare Teams, Healthcare Systems, Inter- and Intra-Organizational Networks, Implementation Science, Research Methods

Frederick Zimmerman

Frederick Zimmerman, PhD  


Population Health, Determinants of Health, Institutional Economics, Health Equity, Policy Modeling, Statistical Methods

Faculty with Joint Appointments

Kathryn Atchison

Kathryn Atchison, MPH, DDS  

Professor of Dentistry

Integration of Health, Health Literacy, Ethics

Kristen Choi

Kristen Choi, PhD, RN  

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Mental Health Services, Interpersonal Violence, Childhood Trauma, Developmental Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Nursing

Paul Chung

Paul Chung, MD, MS  

Professor of Medicine

Medically and Socially Complex Children, Childhood Development and Education, Child and Adolescent Health Behaviors

Warren Scott Comulada

Warren Scott Comulada, DrPH  

Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences

Health Intervention Development and Evaluation, Statistics, Machine Learning, Chatbots, and Social Robots

Joann G. Elmore

Joann G. Elmore, MD, MPH  

Professor of Medicine

Cancer screening, Melanoma, Breast Cancer, Pathology, Diagnostic Accuracy, Physician Variability, AI/Machine Learning (Diagnostic Aid Tools for Skin and Breast Pathology), Patient Engagement (e.g. OpenNotes)

Jose J. Escarce

Jose J. Escarce, MD, PhD  

Professor of Medicine

Health Economics, Managed Care, Physician Behavior, Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Medical Care, Technological Change in Medicine

Aria Fallah

Aria Fallah, MD, MSc  

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery

Multi-Center Observational Studies, Systematic Reviews, Meta-Analysis, Randomized Clinical Trials

Arlene Fink

Arlene Fink, PhD  

Adjunct Professor of Medicine

Aging; Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Substance Abuse; Health Promotion; Health Services Delivery and Evaluation; HIT; Patient Outcomes; Prevention and Intervention; Program Planning and Evaluation; Public Health Education in Medicine 

Paul Fu, Jr.

Paul Fu Jr., MD, MPH  

Professor of Medicine

Biomedical Informatics, Clinical Informatics, Health Information Technology, Health Care Innovation, eHealth, Population Health, Health Disparities, Health Outcomes

Lillian Gelberg

Lillian Gelberg, MD, MSPH  

Professor of Family Medicine

Improving the Health, Health Care and Housing Insecurity of Homeless and Other Vulnerable Populations; Trials to Integrate Culturally Tailored Behavioral Health Interventions into Primary Care for Low-Income Patient Populations

David Hayes-Bautista

David Hayes-Bautista, PhD  

Professor of Medicine

Dynamics and Processes of the Health of the Latino Population, Managing Care of Latino Patients, Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

Ronald Hays

Ronald Hays, PhD  

Professor of Medicine

Health-Related Quality of Life, Patient Experience with Healthcare, and Health-Related Behavior

Felicia Hodge

Felicia Hodge, DrPH, MPH  

Professor of Nursing

Research Methods, American Indian Populations, Family Theory

Clifford Ko

Clifford Ko, MD  

Professor of Surgery

Cancer Treatment

Mark Litwin

Mark S. Litwin, MD, MPH  

Professor of Urology

Quality of Care, Health-Related Quality of Life, Promoting Access to Care in Underserved Communities

Carol Mangione

Carol Mangione, MD, MSPH, FACP  

Professor of Medicine

Diabetes, Diabetes Prevention, Health Disparities, Aging, Health Insurance Benefit Design, Preventive Services

Jeanne Miranda

Jeanne Miranda, PhD  

Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences

Health Disparities, Mental Health Care for Underserved Populations

Michael Ong

Michael Ong, MD, PhD  

Professor of Medicine

Hospital & Health Systems, Tobacco Control, Health Information Technologies, Mental Health, Implementation Science, Community Partnered Research, Health Economics

Brennan Spiegel

Brennan Spiegel, MD, MSHS  

Professor of Medicine

Digital Health Science, Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Alan Tomines

Alan Tomines, MD  

Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine

Pediatrics, Medical Informatics, Public Health Informatics, Health Information Exchange, Data Standardization, Human-Computer Interaction and Data Visualization, Child Health Information Systems

Yusuke Tsugawa

Yusuke Tsugawa, PhD, MPH, MD  

Associate Professor of Medicine

Variation in Quality and Costs of Care Across Individual Physicians, Quality of Care Between Male and Female Physicians

Kenneth Wells

Kenneth Wells, MD, MPH  

Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences

Mental Health Services, Community-Partnered Participatory Research, Mental Health Policy, Arts Addressing Stigma

Affiliated Faculty

Sangeeta Ahluwalia

Sangeeta Ahluwalia, PhD, MPH  

RAND Corporation and Adjunct Associate Professor

Palliative and End-of-Life Care, Post-Acute Care, Qualitative Methods, Quality Measurement, Health Policy Implementation, Systematic Reviews

Sandra Aronberg

Sandra Aronberg, MD, MPH  

Adjunct Professor

Healthcare Organizations, Impact of Technology on Health Care, Environmental Health and Justice

Emmeline Chuang

Emmeline Chuang, PhD  

University of California, Berkeley and Adjunct Associate Professor

Organization and Delivery of Health and Human Services, Inter-Organizational Relationships, Implementation Science, Mixed Methods, Qualitative Methods, Survey Research

Risha Gidwani-Marszowski

Risha Gidwani, DrPH  

RAND Corporation and Adjunct Associate Professor

Benefit Design, Cancer, Cost-Effectiveness, Cost of Care, End-of-Life Care, Health Economics, Patient Financial Burden, Quality of Care, Research Methods

Michelle Keller

Michelle Keller, PhD, MPH  

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Adjunct Assistant Professor

Implementation Science, Program Planning and Evaluation, Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation Methods, Informatics, Health Policy

Emmett Keeler

Peter Long, PhD, MPH  

Blue Shield of California and Adjunct Assistant Professor

Population Health, Health System Transformation, Health Policy, Delivery Systems and Financing 

Isomi Miake-Lye

Isomi Miake-Lye, PhD  

VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System and Adjunct Assistant Professor

Health Services Research, Implementation Science, Organizational Behavior, Program Planning and Evaluation, Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation Methods

Lori Pelliccioni

Robert Nordyke, PhD  

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Societal Value of Medical Technologies; Biopharma, Devices, Diagnostics, and Digital Health Products; Pricing and Reimbursement; Drug Development; Health Economics and Outcomes Research


Lori Pelliccioni

Lori Pelliccioni, JD, MPH, PhD  

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Healthcare Fraud and Abuse, Corporate Compliance

Thomas Priselac

Thomas Priselac, MPH  

Cedars-Sinai Health System and Adjunct Professor

Leadership, Healthcare Finance and Delivery System Development

Dylan Roby

Dylan Roby, PhD  

University of Maryland and Adjunct Associate Professor

U.S. Healthcare System, Health Care Affordability, Health Information Technology, Impacts of Managed Care, Disease Management Programs, Health Insurance Markets, Health Care Reform, Safety Net Clinics and Hospitals

Anthony Hunter Schiff

Anthony Hunter Schiff, JD, MPH  

Schiff and Bernstein, APC and Adjunct Professor

Legal issues arising from the formation and operation of medical groups, outpatient departments, center of excellence programs, value based contracting and peer review

Richard Sinaiko, MPH  

Adjunct Associate Professor

Medical Practice Operations, Financial and Strategic Management, Physician-Hospital Integration, Managed Care Marketing and Contracting, Academic Medical Center/Faculty Practice Plan Reorganization, Network Development 

Stephanie Taylor, PhD  

VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System and Adjunct Associate Professor

Access, Behavioral Model of Health Services, Community Health, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Environmental Approaches to Physical Activity Promotion, Social Epidemiology, Health Disparities, Health Geography

Steven Teutsch

Steven Teutsch, MD  

Adjunct Professor

Decision Analysis, Disease Prevention, Epidemiology, Health Economics, Population Health, Social Determinants of Health, Public Health, Public Health Policy

Emeriti Faculty

Emily Abel, PhD  

Professor Emeritus 

Health Services and Women's Studies, Historian of Medicine and Public Health, Tuberculosis

Ron Andersen

Ron Andersen, PhD  

Professor Emeritus 

Access to Care, Behavioral Model of Health Services Use

Barbara Berman

Barbara Berman, PhD  

Professor Emeritus

Tobacco Prevention, Cancer Prevention and Control Programming, Low-Income Multi-Ethnic Populations, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth

Diana Hilberman

Diana Hilberman, MSP, MSPH, DrPH  

Professor Emeritus

Healthcare Management and Operations, Organizational Relationship between Physicians and Administration

Robert Kaplan

Robert Kaplan, PhD  

Distinguished Research Professor

Health Outcomes Research, Comparative Effectiveness Studies, Behavioral and Social Sciences

Annette Maxwell

Annette Maxwell, DrPH  

Professor Emeritus

Cancer Prevention and Control, Community-Partnered Interventions, Racial/Ethnic and Socio-Economic Cancer Disparities, Implementation and Dissemination Research

Paul Torrens

Paul Torrens, MD, MPH  

Professor Emeritus

Health Services Organization and Financing, Health Services Organization and Theory, Managerial Processes in Health Services Organization, Managed Care