William Cunningham

Type of Faculty: 
Part Time
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911 Broxton Plaza Suite 101
Areas of Interest: 
  • Health Services Research
  • Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Care, Barriers to care, and Health Outcomes        
Biographical Information: 

William E. Cunningham, MD, MPH (PI) - AB, Brown University; MD, UC San Francisco; MPH in Epidemiology, UCLA - is a Professor of Medicine and Public Health at UCLA. He is Board certified in Geriatrics and Internal Medicine, and was trained in health services research through the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program at UCLA. He is a leading investigator in racial and ethnic disparities in care, barriers to care, and health outcomes , particularly for underserved populations with HIV. He also co-led the research team investigating access to medical care and racial/ethnic disparities in the national HIV Costs and Services Utilization Study (HCSUS), a prospective cohort study of a nationally representative probability sample of 2,864 HIV-infected adults receiving care for HIV in the contiguous United States. He led a HRSA-funded Special Project of National Significance (SPNS) intervention study designed to improve access to care for vulnerable persons with HIV infection and is now leading the evaluation of another HRSA-funded SPNS Health Information Technology intervention study designed to improve HIV care. He is PI of an NIMH-funded study of barriers to future HIV prevention technologies. He is PI of an American Heart Association randomized multi-level intervention to prevent recurrent strokeamong patients in 4 large county hospital is Los Angeles.

Dr. Cunningham has authored more than 100 scientific papers many of which address access to HIV care, barriers to medical care, use of HIV services, racial disparities, HIV prevention, and health outcomes for persons with HIV/AIDS. He is Director of the Investigator Development Core of the NIA-funded Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR) Center for Health Improvement for Minority Elderly (CHIME), Director of the Training Core for the NCMHD-funded Project EXPORT, and an Associate Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program at UCLA.

Dr. Cunningham teaches courses on health services organization, and outcomes and effectiveness research. In 2004, Dr. Cunningham was elected to membership in the American Society for Clinical Investigation.

MPH, Epidemiology, UCLA
MD, University of California-San Francisco
AB, Brown University
Selected Publications: 


  • Cunningham WE, Hays RD, Duan N, Andersen RM, Nakazono TT, Bozzette SA, Shapiro MF. “The Effect of Socioeconomic status on the Survival of Persons Receiving Care for HIV Infection in the United States.” Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved November 2005: 16(4); 655-676.
  • Ponce NA, Ku L, Cunningham WE, Brown ER. “Language Barriers to Health Care Access Among Medicare Beneficiaries.” Inquiry Spring 2006;43(1):66-76.
  • Cunningham WE, Sohler NL, Tobias C, Drainoni M, Bradford J, Davis C, Cabral HJ, Cunningham CO, Eldred L, Wong MD. “Health Services Utilization for People with HIV Infection: Comparison of a Population Targeted for Outreach with U.S. Population in Care.” Medical Care November 2006; 44(11):1038-1047.
  • Vargas RB and Cunningham WE. “Evolving Trends in Medical Care-coordination for Patients with HIV and AIDS.” Current HIV/AIDS Reports November 2006; 3(4): 149-153.
  • Zingmond D, Ettner SL, Cunningham WE. “The Impact of Managed Care on Access to Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy and on Outcomes Among Medicaid Beneficiaries with AIDS.” Medical Care Research and Review February 2007; 64(1): 66-82.
  • Newman PA, Duan N, Lee S-J, Rudy ET, Seiden DS, Kakinami L, Cunningham WE. “Willingness to participate in HIV Vaccine Trials: The Impact of Trial Attributes.” Preventive Medicine June 2007; 44(6): 554-57.
  • Rumptz MH, Tobias C, Rajabiun S, Bradford JB, Cabral HJ, Young R, Cunningham WE. “Factors Associated with Engaging Socially Marginalized HIV Positive Persons in Primary Care.” AIDS Patient Care and STDs supplement June 2007;21(s1):S-30-S39.
  • Cabral HJ, Tobias C, Rajabiun S, Sohler NL, Cunningham CO, Wong MD, Cunningham WE. “Outreach Program Contacts: Do They Increase the Likelihood of Engagement and Retention in HIV Primary Care for hard-to-reach patients?” AIDS Patient Care and STDs supplement June 2007; 21(s1):S-40-S48.
  • Wong MD, Sarkisian CA, Davis C, Cunningham WE. “The Association Between Life Chaos, Health Care Use, and Health Status Among HIV-Infected Persons.” Journal of General Internal Medicine September 2007; (22)9: 1286-91.
  • Sayles J, Hays RD, Sarkisian CA, Martins D, Cunningham WE. “Development and Psychometric Assessment of a Multidimensional Measure of HIV Related Stigma in a Diverse Sample of HIV-Positive Adults.” AIDS and Behavior April 2008 e-pub.        


  • Health Disparities
  • Health Services Research
  • HIV

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