Journal Club

HS227A (previously, HS249H), commonly known as Journal Club, brings together Health Policy and Management faculty, post-doctoral scholars, doctoral students, and selected other students to discuss current research issues in the field of health services research.  Each week, two of the articles are discussed that were nominated as the most outstanding of the year as part of AcademyHealth's annual Article-of-the-Year solicitation.  One participant presents each article briefly, with the bulk of the time spent on analyzing the quality of the scholarship as well as the substantive issues addressed in the articles.

Fall 2015 Special Topics in  Heatlh Services: Current Research Issues

Thursdays, 12:00 – 1:15, Room 51-279 CHS


October 1:  Care Over the Life Course

Houtrow, A.J., Larson, K., Olson, L.M., Newacheck, P.W., and Halfon, N.  “Changing

            Trends of Childhood Disability,” 2001-2011.  Pediatrics 134(3), September 2014: 530-538.

Jena, A.B., Goldman, D., Weaver, L., Karaca-Mandic, P.  “Opioid Prescribing by

            Multiple Providers in Medicare:  Retrospective Observational Study of Insurance Claims.”  British Medical Journal 348, February 9, 2014: 1-12.


October 8:  ACOs

McWilliams, J.M., Landon, B.E., Chernew, M.E., Zaslavsky, A.M.  “Changes in Patients Experiences in Medicare Accountable Care Organizations.”  New England Journal of Medicine 371(18), October 30, 2014: 1715-1724.

Epstein, A.M., Jha, A.K., Orav, E.J., Liebman, D.L., Audet, A.-M.J., Zezza, M.A., Gutterman, S.  “Analysis of Early Accountable Care Organizations Defines Patient, Structural, Cost, and Quality-of-Care Characteristics.”  Health Affairs 33(1), January 2014: 95-102.


October 15:  State Health Policies

Sommers, B.D., Long, S.K., Baicker, K.  “Changes in Mortality After Massachusetts        Health Care Reform:  A Quasi-Experimental Study.”  Annals of Internal Medicine 1       60(9), May 6, 2014: 585-593.

Mortensen, K., Perman, C., Chen, J.  “Innovative Payment Mechanisms in Maryland Hospitals:  An Empirical Analysis of Readmissions under Total Patient Revenue.”  Healthcare 2, 2014: 177-183.


October 22:  Health Expenditures  

Hutton, D., Newman-Casey, P.A., Tavag, M., Zacks, D, Stein, J.  “Switching to Less        Expensive Blindness Drug Could Save Medicare Part B $18 Billion Over a Ten-Year

            Period.”  Health Affairs 33(6), June 2014: 931-939.

McWilliams, J.M., Dalton, J.B., Landrum, M.B., Frakt, A.B., Pizer, S.D., Keating, N.L.  “Geographic Variation in Cancer-Related Imaging:  Veterans Affairs health Care     System Versus Medicare.”  Annals of Internal Medicine 161(11), December 2, 2014: 794-802.


October 29:  Factors Affecting  Utilization

McKinlay, J.B., Trachtenberg, F., Marceau, L.D., Katz, J.N., Fischer, M.A.  “Effects of Patient Medication Requests on Physician Prescribing Behavior:  Results of a Factorial Experiment.”  Medicare Care 52(4), April 2014: 2904-299.

Dusetzina, S.B., Winn, A.N., Abel, G.A., Huskamp, H.A., Keating, N.L.  “Cost Sharing and Adherence to Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors for Patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia.”  Journal of Clinical Oncology 32(4), February 1, 2014: 306-311.

November 5:   Hospital Quality

Howell, E.A., Zeitlin, J., Hebert, P.L., Balbierz, A., Egorova, N.  “Association Between Hospital-Level Obstetric Quality Indicators and Maternal and Neonatal Morbidity.”  JAMA 312(15), October 15, 2014: 1531-1541.

Nallamothu, B.K., Normand, S.-L. T., Wang, Y., Hofer, T.P., Brush, J.E., Messenger, J.C., Bradley, E.H., Rumsfeld, J.S., Krumholz, H.M.  “Relation Between Door-to-Balloon Times and Mortality After Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Over Time:  A Retrospective Study.”  The Lancet 385, March 21, 2015: 1114-1122.


November 12:  Mental Health

Bishop, T.F., Press, M.J., Keyhani, S., Pincus, H.A.  “Acceptance of Insurance by Psychiatrists and the Implications for Access to Mental Health Care.”  JAMA Psychiatry 71(2), February 20124: 176-181.

Busch, S.H., Golberstein, E., Meara, E.  “The FDA and ABCs:  Unintended Consequences of Antidepressant Warnings on Human Capital.”  Journal of  Human Resources 49(3), Summer 2014: 540-571.


November 19:  Disparities Research

Ayanian, J.Z., Landon, B.E., Newhouse, J.P., Zaslavsky, A.M. “Racial and Ethnic Disparities Among Enrollees in Medicare Advantage Plans.”   New England Journal of Medicine 371(24), December 11, 2014: 2288-2297.

Studnicki, J., Ekezue, B.F., Tsulukidze, M., Honore, P., Moonesinghe, R., Fisher, J.  “Disparity in Race-Specific Comorbidities Associated with Central Venous Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infection.”  American Journal of Medical Quality 28(6), 2013: 525-532.


December 3:  Electronic Medical Records and Medicare

Adler-Milstein, J., Jha, A.K.  “No Evidence Found that Hospitals are Using New Electronic Health Records to Increase Medicare Reimbursements.”  Health Affairs 33(7), July 2014: 1271-1277.

Wright, A., Feblowitz, J., Samal, L., McCoy, A.B., Sittig, D.F.  “The Medicare Electronic Health Record Incentive Program:  Provider Performance on Core and Menu Measures.”  Health Services Research  49(1), Part 2, February 2014: 325-346.





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