Admissions Profiles

Admissions 2013-2014 Profile (Fall 2013 Matriculation)
Average scores of matriculated students 

Average GPA:3.60
Average GRE 
Quantitative:67th percentile
Verbal: 72nd percentile
Written:67th percentile
Average GPA:3.80
Average GRE 
Quantitative: 92nd percentile
Verbal: 77th percentile
Written: 73rd percentile
Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.66
Average Graduate GPA: 3.84
Average GRE 
Quantitative: 79th percentile
Verbal: 89th percentile
Written: 61st percentile

 * GMAT: Accepted for MPH-MBA Applicants ONLY    
   MCAT: Accepted for MPH-MD, MS Applicants ONLY 

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