As part of an Open Society Foundations fellowship, Fielding School Dean Emeritus Linda Rosenstock recently traveled to An-Najah National University to meet student volunteers. 

November 21, 2014

FSPH assistant professor Dylan Roby talks to Capital Public Radio about how California ballot measure Prop 45 could affect the state's health insurance exchange.

drobySource: Capital Public Radio

UCLA Magazine

|Sunday, June 1, 2014| by Dan Gordon '85

UCLA Magazine profiles Dr. Jonathan Fielding, an acclaimed FSPH professor in Health Policy and Management and the top public health official for the County of Los Angeles.

|An excerpt from UCLA PUBLIC HEALH Spring/Summer 2014 Magazine|

|April 17, 2014|

According to (where the best Masters and MBAs are ranked worldwide) , our department's MPH/MBA joint program ranks # 2 in the world. The best master ranking regarding to health management exists out of 100 post graduate programs worldwide ranked. Click on link below to see where other schools rank.

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FSPH Professor-in-Residence Kenneth Wells leads the team recognized for its 10-year commitment to translating research into clinical applications for the treatment of depression.

|April 9, 2014|

|March 31, 2014|

Original Article from Fielding School of Public Health

Prompted by FSPH professor Dr. Alex Ortega, participants in the Aspen Challenge offered their ideas on how to make their communities healthier.

Professor Ortega & High School Students

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