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2016 Quality Care Symposium

Patricia A. Ganz, MD, of the University of California at Los Angeles, the 2016 winner of the Joseph V. Simone Award, summarizes her “Lecture for Excellence in Quality and Safety in the Care of Patients With Cancer.”

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) will honor Patricia A. Ganz, MD, FASCO, an accomplished medical oncologist and renowned advocate for improving the quality of cancer care from prevention through survivorship, with its first annual Joseph V. Simone Award and Lecture for Excellence in Quality and Safety in the Care of Patients with Cancer. Dr.

In December 2015, Ninez Ponce, a Center associate director, was named co-chair of a new National Quality Forum (NQF) standing committee that will focus on eliminating disparities through quality measurement.

Twenty years ago, it was hard to gauge the health needs of people who faced language barriers because our information from surveys were largely from people who only spoke English.

Deciding how to allocate health care resources in the U.S. isn't a question that should be left to the experts – it's a dialogue that should engage the whole community.

FSPH's Dr. Jonathan Fielding weighs in on food-safety and food ratings with TODAY/ 

Many people are forced to travel miles to get oral care — or forgo it — when it’s not available on-site.

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