Martin Shapiro

Type of Faculty: 
Part Time
Appointment Title: 
911 Broxton Plaza
Areas of Interest: 
  • HIV/AIDS Research
  • Equitable Distribution of Medical Care
Biographical Information: 

Dr. Shapiro obtained his undergraduate and medical education at McGill University, where he received his M.D.; C.M. degree in 1973. Subsequent to that he completed a residency in internal medicine at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal and at UCLA, spent one year engaged in research in the Department of Epidemiology and Health at McGill, and completed a fellowship at UCLA as a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar. Dr. Shapiro received a Master of Public Health degree in Health Services from UCLA, then a Ph.D. in history also from UCLA, doing a dissertation on health care services in Portuguese Africa. Dr. Shapiro joined the UCLA faculty in the Division of General Internal Medicine and Health Services Research in 1980; he was promoted to Associate Professor in 1986. In 1988, he established the Primary Care Research Fellowship Program at UCLA, which he directed until 2003. In 1991, he became Chief of the Division of General Internal Medicine and Health Services Research in the Department of Medicine and Associate Director of the UCLA Clinical Scholars Program. He was promoted to Professor of Medicine in 1992 and Professor of Health Services in 2000. From 2002-2003, he served as President of the Society of General Internal Medicine.

Dr. Shapiro's research has focused on the general theme of assuring that medical care is applied equitably and appropriately to the population. In recent years, he has conducted numerous studies in the area of HIV disease. He is an elected member of the American Society of Clinical Investigation and of the Association of American Physicians.

PhD, history, UCLA
MPH, Health Services, UCLA
MD, McGill University
BS, McGill University
Selected Publications: 
  • Shapiro MF , Bleho H, Durran M, Farrell D, Klein D, Weigensberg A, Weil K. Problems in the control of hypertension in the community. Canadian Medical Association Journal , 1978; 118:37-40.
  • Shapiro MF . Getting doctored: Critical reflections on becoming a physician. Perception , 1979; 2:6-9.
  • Shapiro MF , Lehman AF, Greenfield S: Biases in the laboratory diagnosis of depression in medical practice. Archives of Internal Medicine , 1983; 143:2085-2088.Also abstracted in 1985 Yearbook of Psychiatry and Applied Mental Health , pp. 155-156, Chicago: Year Book Medical Publishers, Inc., 1985.
  • Shapiro MF . Medical aid provided by American, Canadian and British nationals to the Spanish Republic during the Civil War, 1936-1939. International Journal of Health Services , 1983; 13:443-458.
  • Shapiro MF , Hayward RA, Guillemot D, Jayle D. Residents' experiences in, and attitudes toward, the care of persons with AIDS in Canada, France, and the United States. Journal of the American Medical Association , 1992; 268(4):510-515.
  • Shapiro MF , Berk ML, Berry SH, Emmons CA, Athey LA, Hsia DC, Leibowitz AA, Maida CA, Marcus M, Perlman JF, Schur CL, Schuster MA, Senterfitt JW, Bozzette SA. National probability samples in studies of low-prevalence diseases. Part I: Perspectives and lessons from the HIV Cost and Services Utilization Study. Health Services Research . 1999;34:951-68.
  • Frankel MR, Shapiro MF , Duan N, Morton SC, Berry SH, Brown JA, Burnam MA, Cohn SE, Goldman DP, McCaffrey DF, Smith SM, St. Clair PA, Tebow JF, Bozzette SA. National probability samples in studies of low-prevalence diseases. Part II: Designing and implementing the HIV Cost and Services Utilization Study sample. Health Services Research . 1999;34(5 pt 1)969-92.
  • Shapiro MF , Morton SC, McCaffrey DF, Senterfitt JW, Fleishman JA, Perlman JF, Athey LA, Keesey JW, Goldman DP, Berry SH, Bozzette SA. Variations in the care of HIV-infected adults in the United States: results from the HIV Cost and Services Utilization Study. Journal of the American Medical Association . 1999;281:2305-15.
  • Vickrey BG, Shatin D, Wolf SM, Myers LW, Berlin TR, Hanson RA, Shapiro MF , Beckstrand M, Edmonds ZV, Delrahim S, Ellison GW. Management of multiple sclerosis across managed care and fee-for-services systems. Neurology . 2000;55:1341-9.
  • Bozzette SA, Joyce G, McCaffrey DF, Leibowitz AA, Morton SC, Berry SH, Rastegar A, Timberlake D, Shapiro MF , Goldman DP. Expenditures for the care of HIV-infected patients in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy. N Eng J Med . 2001;344(11):817-23.
  • Wong MD, Shapiro MF , Boscardin WJ, Ettner SL. Contribution of major diseases to disparities in mortality. New England Journal of Medicine . 2002. 347(20);1585-1592.          
  • HIV

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