Arturo Vargas-Bustamante, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Management
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UCLA Fielding School of Public Health
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Los Angeles, CA 90095-1772
Health Care Disparities
Health Services in Developing Countries
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  • Latino Health Care
  • Immigrant Health Care
  • Cross-Border Health Care
  • International Health Care       

Professor Vargas Bustamante is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. He teaches HS200B Health Care Financing and Organization and HS209 Health Care for Vulnerable Populations. He conducts research in two fields: i) health care disparities and ii) health policy in developing countries. His health care disparities research focuses on population groups that are overwhelmingly uninsured or that have poor access to health care, predominantly among Hispanics/Latinos and immigrants in the United States. He also specializes in the statistical analyses of disparities in health care access, utilization, quality and insurance coverage. The outcomes of his research have had direct policy applications, particularly since they estimate the share of disparities that can be attributed to socioeconomic and demographic factors and the corresponding part associated to health system variables, such as usual source of care and insurance status. His research on health services in developing countries focuses in two areas: cross-border health care utilization and healthcare privatization and decentralization in middle-income countries, predominantly in Latin America.

Professor Vargas Bustamante holds a PhD (2008) in Public Policy, an M.A. (2006) in Economics and an M.P.P. (2004) all from UC-Berkeley. As part of his professional experience, he worked as a consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank and for the California Program on Access to Care, where he was responsible for the cross-border health insurance project. His professional career began in the Health Financing Administration of the Mexican Ministry of Health.

Selected Courses: 
HPM 200B "Health Systems Organization and Financing"
HPM 206 "Health Care for Vulnerable Populations"
Selected Publications: 

Peer-Reviewed Publications (in chronological order)

In print or press
1.Vargas Bustamante Arturo, Ojeda Gilbert, Castañeda Xóchitl, Willingness to pay for cross-border health insurance between the United States and Mexico. Health Affairs (Project Hope), 2009; 27(1): 169-78. 
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Recently accepted for publication:  
20. Vargas Bustamante Arturo, Menu Labeling Perception & Health Behaviors between Immigrant and U.S.-born Minority Populations: Assessment in Two Los Angeles Public Markets, Salud Pública (Forthcoming 2013)
21. Vargas Bustamante Arturo, Claudio A. Méndez, Healthcare Privatization in Latin America: What Explains Diverging Healthcare Privatization Policies in Chile, Colombia and Mexico?, Journal of Health Care Politics, Policy and the Law (Forthcoming 2013)
22. Vargas Bustamente Arturo, Jie Chen, Hai Fang, John Rizzo, Alexander Ortega N, Identifying Health Insurance Predictors and the Main Reported Reasons for Being Uninsured among U.S. Immigrants by Legal Authorization Status, Journal of Health Planning and Management (Forthcoming 2013)
Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley
M.A., University of California-Berkeley
M.P.P., University of California-Berkeley

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