Developing Health Management and Policy Competencies

A broad combination of skills, knowledge and techniques are needed to manage health care service delivery organizations, create, analyze and advocate for effective policies, and ensure our safety net is operating efficiently and effectively. To meet the workforce needs of our community, the UCLA Department of Health Policy and Management requires its students to develop a set of foundational competencies expected by the field of practice.  Our Health Policy and Management Competency Model derives from our mission and provides the strategic direction for the development of our programs' courses.

The Health Policy and Management Competency Model blends our Department's focus on health management, health policy and public health.  The competencies are organized in six major domains: Health management skills, leadership skills, analytical skills, health system skills, professionalism, and communication & interpersonal skills. The faculty actively engages students to measure their learning through assignments, competency assessments using Audience Response Systems, and case studies in class.

In the School of Public Health, we also ensure our students meet the competency requirements of the Association of School of Public Health (ASPH) Competency Model.


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