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The Field Studies Applied Consulting Report

The Field Studies Applied Consulting Report is considered the comprehensive examination for the MPH Programs in Health Policy and Management.  As the program capstone experience, the consulting report requires the student to apply the professional writing requirements of the student’s specialization.  The applied report involves a process of conceptual development, implementation, analysis, and written and oral presentation.  The report will integrate the academic and practice lessons learned by the student.  The project, conducted during the summer field studies experience, can be a policy report, program evaluation, or a strategic or business plan.  It will reflect the application of general principles of organization, management, planning, policy or research to a specific concrete situation.


Before students begin their first quarter, they are assigned Health Policy and Management faculty advisors based on student and faculty interests and experience.  Advisors may consult with students on their course requirements and electives. Advisors can also answer questions about the School of Public Health or health policy and management as a field.  Students are strongly recommended to meet with their advisors at the beginning of each quarter.

Course Waivers

Students who have recently completed a course equivalent to a core School of Public Health course (Biostatistics 100A, CHS 100, Epidemiology 100) may take a waiver examination. If the student passes the examination, the course is waived but the student must still take the required units needed for graduation.  This is generally satisfied by taking an elective in place of the waived course.

MPH students who have taken comparable courses may submit a blue petition to take an exam to waive Biostatistics 100A, Community Health Sciences 100, Environmental Health Sciences 100, and/or Epidemiology 100.  Students who wish to waive these courses must submit a copy of their transcript showing that they have taken an equivalent college level course, as well as a course description or syllabus.  Students who successfully waive out of required courses must make up the units requirement by taking elective courses.

Contact the department SAO for the date/time of each department’s exam:

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