Concurrent Degrees


The MPH/MBA is a three year concurrent degree program in the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health Department of Health Policy and Management and the UCLA Anderson School.  Students successfully completing the program will be awarded both the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree.  The program's concurrent nature allows students to develop and integrate their skills more effectively than if the degrees were obtained sequentially.

This program is for individuals desiring a management career in health care and related fields and who wish in-depth professional preparation for such a career.  Its establishment reflects the combined interest of employers, faculty, and students who have recognized the increasing challenges facing managers in the health care industry and the need for individuals who are skilled in dealing with these challenges.

Program Curriculum

This concurrent degree program requires a minimum of 14 courses (52 units) in the School of Public Health and a summer internship in a healthcare organization.

 MPH/MBA Program Description



The UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and the School of Law offer a four year concurrent degree program in which the students complete both the M.P.H. and the J.D. degree simultaneously.  The combined curriculum prepares graduates to work in the expanding field of health law, including the area of consumer protection, policy and regulation which deals with environmental issues, health care, immunization and food safety.  Graduates will have the tools and knowledge necessary to contribute their expertise in research and developing effective public health regulations and policy.

Program Curriculum

This concurrent degree program requires 15 required courses (56 units) and 18 units of elective courses in the School of Public Health and a summer internship in a local healthcare organization.  Students must also complete the requirements for completing the JD degree at the Law School.  Students must complete 16 elective quarter units, allowed for concurrent credit in Public Health and Law.

The program includes three years in the School of Law and one year in the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.  Students are also required to complete a Public Health field training experience and project, the content of which must be applicable to Law.  The field training is generally undertaken in the summer after Year 2 with the required field studies course completed during the subsequent fall quarter.



Medical students who wish to learn more about the greater health care system and public health participate in the MD/MPH program for the year between their third and fourth year of medical school.  Looking forward, many medical students consider participating in the management of the medical group in which they will practice. Many want to understand the larger national and local issues that impact their ability to practice the best medicine.  Some are interested in how to make the delivery of care in both inpatient and outpatient settings more efficient and less costly.  And some are interested in providing care to the underserved and wish to learn how best to meet their needs.  These and other areas of academic focus are available to medical students as they obtain their MPH degree during the fourth of a five year concurrent degree program.

Recent field studies projects for MD/MPH students have included process improvement in an emergency department and in the operative suites, developing a patient centered medical home for behavioral health,  analysis and evaluation of a medical home roll out in LA County community health centers, addressing the quality of care received by Latino diabetics through assessing strategies within the literature to better target this population, and the impact of the nurse double check method on medication error rates at a county hospital Emergency Department.

Program Curriculum

The MPH/MD is a five-year concurrent degree program with 11 required courses (44 units) and 4 elective courses (16 units) in the Fielding School of Public Health and a summer internship in a local health care organization.



Health policy is a domain requiring skilled professionals well trained in policy analysis and management, who are also knowledgeable about both the health care sector and policy-making institutions.  Graduates of the 3-year concurrent MPP/MPH program will be able to contribute effectively to identifying and evaluating both public and private policy options and management strategies that would improve the health and health care of residents of California and the nation, while enhancing the performance and efficiency of the health care system.  Program graduates will help solve some of the nation's most pervasive health care and public health issues such as undisciplined financing, rampant inefficiencies and quality deficiencies, barriers to insurance coverage and access to care. In the dual MPH/MPP program, students will obtain a broader perspective on agenda setting, policy analysis, and political theory due to their exposure to an array of public policy students with varied interests. In their health policy coursework, they will be able to apply that interdisciplinary knowledge and perspective to a wide variety of policy issues and discussions of the role of government and regulation in the health care delivery system, insurance industry, and in managing and improving health. 

Program Curriculum

The MPH/MPP is a three-year concurrent degree program with 9 required courses (36 units) and 4 elective courses (16 units). 

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