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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The PhD in Health Policy and Management is an advanced research degree that emphasizes depth of knowledge and research skills. The dissertation must demonstrate ability for independent scholarly investigation.


In addition to the requirements for the MS in Health Policy and Management, students must take HLT POL 249I, Biostatistics 200A, and 200B. A cognate with at least three courses (12 units) from a department that grants a PhD degree is also required. Cognate courses must be at the graduate level and should be core theory and research courses for the discipline selected. Acceptable cognate areas include economics, epidemiology, history, management, political science, psychology, sociology, health care outcomes, research, pharmaceutical economics and policy studies.




Qualifying Examinations

Before advancement to candidacy, students must pass a written examination in Health Policy and Management, complete the requirements in a cognate field and pass an oral qualifying examination on the subject of the student's dissertation research. Students who fail are normally only reexamined once.

When students are ready to take the University Oral Qualifying Examination, a doctoral committee is nominated. After passing the University Oral Qualifying Examination, students may be advanced to candidacy and commence work on a dissertation in the principal field of study. The doctoral committee supervises the progress toward completion of the dissertation.

Final Oral Examination

A final oral examination is required of all candidates.

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